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Military women and wives are laced with strength and solidarity. Grit and grace flow them as they fearlessly face new challenges. Resolutely, they stand firm through seasons of doubt, drought, deployments, and difficulty.

These are their stories. 


How many of us constantly wonder if we are seen? When we try to assimilate into our surrounding civilian communities, sometimes we can't help but feel like we are misunderstood. Our lifestyle is riddled with seemingly impossible challenges. Long term separations, extreme physical distance from family and friends, loneliness that overwhelms, and emotional turmoil take their toll. 

In today's culture, the stories of the military community and their families are little more than a footnote in the overarching narrative. This book is a beautiful composition of hope. In its pages, military women and wives have peeled back the layers of their experiences--giving glory to God for all He has done. They have embarked on the noble journey of shining a light into dark places and they invite others to walk beside them. Brave Women, Strong Faith is a resounding call to build community. Let's come together for God's glory and our good. And, side by side, let us share the hope we have in Jesus with a lost and hurting world. 

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Available on October 13th, 2021

Tan Classic Feminine Jewelry Business We