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Erica Wiggenhorn

Author of

The Unexplainable Jesus

Megan Brown's passion packs a powerful punch! She applies the Word with clarity bringing the truths of Scripture right to the door of your heart. Authentic and relatable, Megan spurs others on to walk their faith out boldly.

Kim Erickson

Author of

His Last Words

"Megan has a natural ability to connect with women. She handles God's Word and women's hearts with great care. She is so expressive in her love for Christ and God's Word that the audience is drawn into a deeper revelation of God through her messages. Megan's transparency encourages others to serve God in their own unique way."

Abby Linsbee

MOPS Coordinator

Megan was a great speaker for our group of 60 women! She brought Godly words of wisdom in a hilarious, down-to-earth way. Not only did she bring a message that was prepared just for the ladies of our group, but she also took the time to be relational with the women outside of the message. I would highly recommend Megan to any group seeking a speaker that keeps your attention and sticks with you long after she's gone!

Christina Lorenz

MOPS Coordinator

When Megan came to speak to our group her energy filled the room with a presence we had never experienced. Megan spoke to our hearts through The Word and in "mom" language we could all understand. To say she made an impact on lives that day is an understatement. Her connection from the stage and one on one interaction with those around her is something that stuck with our members hearts! I would highly recommend Megan for a down to earth, in the word, real talk speaker at your next event!

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One of my greatest joys in this season is walking into room full of women seeking truth and being blessed to share with them who they are in Christ.


So many times, women have lost themselves in roles, job titles, criticism, and unattainable standards. They are quick to believe the enemy as he whispers lies into their hearts, fueling their insecurities. “You are not enough,” he says. “You can’t understand God’s Word” or worse, “This book isn’t for you.”


These lies take root and women begin to believe that they are just a sum of their choices. I pray that God’s Word would be made alive for these women, that they would know that they are beloved and chosen.


By communicating the truth of God’s Word, unpacking the meaning behind it, and teaching practical application, I believe that women can be equipped to press into God. When they do, His Word promises that He will press back. Teaching women to fiercely seek God, find His character, and understand what He has done for us through Christ Jesus will ultimately result in life change.


My goal in all things whether speaking, teaching, or ministering is this:

to know Jesus and make him known.

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