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Megan is passionate about reaching the military community for Christ. She has joined the ranks of the many military missionaries before her. 

There is an entire people group, hungering and thirsting for the gospel. The military community, if properly encouraged and equipped, could be the largest mobilized and missional force our generation has ever seen. 

Megan is passionate about reaching this community for the glory of God and their good. 

I believe serving the military community in full time missions is God's calling on my life- to "win, build, and send" people for the cause of Christ. I am always looking for ministry partners to serve along side me through prayer and financial support. If you would like more information about our military ministry, please fill in the contact form on this site, or email me at

In Christ, 

Megan B. Brown


More than ever, the military community needs leaders that are committed to truth, love, and mission. Specifically, the military spouse community is ever changing and requires unique needs to be met. Military spouses are longing to connect- with God and each other. They are desperate for biblical truth that can be applied to our life style as active duty families. Finally, they are striving to find practical ways to answer God's calling to The Great Commission. Click the button below to learn more about Cru Military. 

With our ministry partners, we are able to provide intimate home bible studies that are held weekly. Military spouses can get connected to new friends and neighbors- helping to slow and stop the effects of loneliness. These studies also offer a unique opportunity for them to get plugged into a local body of believers. In addition, through these bible studies, we form more in depth discipleship groups to raise up more leaders and workers in this space. Lastly, through annual gospel-centered events, we present Christ to those who would hear, inviting them to step into the radical and freeing love of Jesus. 


By partnering with Megan:


You are creating opportunities for military spouses and their families to hear the gospel and get connected to a local body of believers. 


You are providing access to solid discipleship and training so that military women and wives can learn to share the gospel with others. 


You are helping us to release the largest mobilized missional force this generation has ever seen. 

and so much more!

Do you still want to know more?

Fill in a contact form on this site or email

Megan at

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