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MIC: The Military Conference You Should Never Miss

Every year, there is one event that I can’t wait to attend, the Military Influencer Conference. The Military Influencer Conference, or MIC, is dynamic three-day event connecting entrepreneurs, business executives, and brands with the influencers who shape and support the military community. Some of the most celebrated and successful individuals in our community come together at this event to encourage and equip others toward their dreams. This year’s event boasts nine separate tracks for attendees, including main stage speakers, targeted breakouts for content creators and pod-casters, and much, much more!

In 2016, Curtez Riggs- MIC’s Founder, invited the military community to rally together in Dallas, TX with the goal of creating opportunities for mentoring, encouragement, and collaboration. The strong presence of service before self, that has been instilled by MIC’s fearless leader, is still deeply rooted in the DNA of the conference today. Every speaker, teacher, non-profit organizer, and entrepreneur in leadership or attendance seems to have elevated others before themselves. There is no other conference like it.

Why attend?

Connection: One of the greatest benefits for this conference is the immense amount of networking opportunities. Want to meet others in your specific field or industry experts that understand the military way of life? Done. Need to meet others that have navigated the rough waters of business ownership and have found success? Done. At MIC, you can connect with those who have a message for you to hear, spend time with those who share your story, and meet the people that you have been sent to inspire.

Community: Have you ever went to other equipping or educating conferences and felt out of place or unseen? Fortunately, the Military Influencer Conference is full of people that work and serve in and around the military community. There is a deep understanding of the active duty lifestyle and there is support in abundance.

Content: Every person in attendance has a dream job in mind. Whether this job is to serve in a non-profit org or to start the journey of entrepreneurship, this conference has content to help those in the military community pursue their purpose. With industry experts from all fields, there is something for everyone.

How to get involved:

Save the date! MIC 2020 will be September 23-27, 2020. Be on the lookout for registration opening soon!

Did you miss catching this year’s live event? No worries. You can still get a virtual pass here for only $59! Grab a cup of coffee and join in your jammies.

Learn more about the Military Influencer Conference, and Curtez Riggs, at

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