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Everyday Ministry: Our Holy Orders

What is ministry? What does it mean to you? Meriam Webster defines “ministry” as the work or vocation of a minister of religion. If we look to Scripture, we find several definitions, all of which give us a deeper insight into what God’s calling is for each of us. In the book of Acts, chapter 11:29, there is a famine. The disciples discuss how they will provide assistance to the hungry. The word used for “ministry” in this verse is diakonian. This Greek word translates into “relief.” Ministry, in this verse, means to provide relief. Are there areas or need in your community that you can meet? How can you use your gifts to relieve someone else? Matthew 5:16 teaches us that the works of our hands bring glory to God. The word used her is ergon. It translates to the word “work.” Ministry is the good works of our hands intended to bring God glory. What are good works? Could you support a local mission by volunteering? Is there somewhere in your church that you could walk alongside in order to fill a serving position? Lastly, my favorite translation of the word ministry is “holy orders.” We each have holy orders that God would have us fulfil during our time here on earth. We each can discover these “set apart” orders by prayer, devotion to scripture, and encouragement from fellow believers. I pray that today, you would ask God to reveal His calling for you. You have worth, value, and an undeniable purpose for The Kingdom of God. Be encouraged, friend. Great things are in store.

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