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"Unexplainable" Transformation: 5 Stars from All Her Paths

Erica Wiggenhorn’s “Unexplainable” series brings “unexplainable” and lasting spiritual transformation that occurs in real time.

This two-part series, “The Unexplainable Life” and “The Unexplainable Church” is a wondrous journey through the book of Acts. Beginning in Acts chapter one and finishing in chapter 28, the reader is gently and tenderly guided through the beautiful story of the steadfast men that comprised the early church. Erica invites readers in to experience who she is by giving them a window into her heart for the mission of Jesus. Every word in these studies is meant to awaken your heart to truth of God’s word and sweetly call you into His presence.

As a late blooming believer (I accepted grace at 22 years old), I remember feeling completely overwhelmed during my first trip to the Christian bookstore. There were so many books, Bible studies, and reference books. I had no idea where to begin and, to be honest, the Bible was intimidating. I truly believed that I would always struggle to understand and absorb God’s word. Three years ago, I found a Bible study that Erica had written, “Ezekiel: Every Life Positioned for Purpose.” This study was the first Bible study that I had ever picked up that encouraged me to engage with God’s word deeply, so when I found “The Unexplainable Life,” I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Here are my thoughts on her two-part series:

They are understandable. How many times do we pick up a Bible study and get lost? Scripture in some Bible studies are scarce and brief at best. It is not so for this series. Each section of the study breaks down large chunks of the book of Acts and are expertly explained. Erica, like a surgeon, dissects the scripture and clearly explains context, cultural atmosphere, and practical application. She engages the reader by making sure that every aspect of the holy text can be understood, absorbed, and applied.

They are applicable. No matter what stage of your walk you are in, whether a seasoned believer or a new comer to the family of Christ, you can apply the truths that these studies deliver. Erica writes in such a way that any woman can find herself in the text and a way to bring the truth of God to life within her. The questions posed within these books will open your heart to the way that God sees you, hopes for you, and calls you to live the life “unexplainable” with Him.

They are transformational. While walking through this series, the Holy Spirit was moving! I would be overwhelmed with conviction in the best of ways, prompting me to pray, meditate, or savor God’s word. This series helps to build spiritual disciplines that will have a lifelong effect. Learning to engage in God’s word daily, understanding the original language, and seeing a vivid picture of the lives of early believers will surely result in something “unexplainable!”

I thank and praise God for using Erica to help ignite a movement of women searching for deeper understanding. Women are hungry for God’s word and to know Him more. Erica Wiggenhorn has definitely risen to His calling by providing studies that introduce readers to God’s immense grace, the risen Christ, our king, and the breath of life inside us.

To purchase a copy of this amazing and life changing study series, click here.

For more information about Erica, visit her blog here.

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