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"I Am Found"- by Laura Dingman 5 Stars from All Her Paths

Laura Dingman’s “I Am Found” Bible study is an insightful journey of self-discovery and a quest for freedom in God’s glorious truths about who we are in Him.

This six-week study invites participants to begin unpacking the reasons why we hide from God and how we can be found in His amazing and life-giving grace. Each day’s activity is saturated with God’s beautiful truths that sweetly whisper to us that we “are enough.” Laura takes the time to slow the reader down, help them open their mind to sustaining truths revealed in the Bible, and to help them to apply them in practical ways.

I found this study buried in the back of a Lifeway Christian store in Gulfport, MS. It was the last copy and I was very excited to have it my hands. The study is published by Moody Publishers in their new women’s Bible studies line and is, in my opinion, where the revolution in Women’s Ministry resourcing is beginning. These new studies released by Moody are deeper in nature, completely centered around the work and purpose of Christ, and are targeted for women looking for measurable growth in their understanding of God’s Word.

Here are my thoughts.

This study is engaging. Laura writes in such a way that I felt like I was having coffee with a dear friend as I processed through my own story. Her writing invites the reader to engage on a deeper level than just a few impersonal questions and Scriptural explanations. As I ventured through the chapters, I was constantly able to see myself in the story she was telling and I just knew this freedom in God’s grace was meant to be my own.

This study is “Bible heavy” but not intimidating. Laura has done a great job of excavating the Scripture and presenting it in a way that encourages the reader to break down the text and form their beliefs based on the truths tucked away in these sacred verses. I believe that anyone, whether new in their walk or a seasoned follower of Christ, could easily pick up this study and feel like they could understand the message of the Bible.

This study teaches the Biblical truth that will set you free from all sin, shame, and the burden to be perfect. From cover to cover, Laura’s mission in writing is clear. Her heart is to introduce the reader to the character of God, His love for them, and His desire for them to be free in Jesus.

If you are looking for a new study that will help you uncover who God is, how He loves, and who you are in Him, this is it! I’m so thankful for the immeasurable joy and freedom that this study helped me to usher into my own life.

To purchase “I Am Found,” click here.

For more information about Laura, check out her blog here.

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